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For English speaking visitor: we nsupply a short info about this project here.

First we apologize for not supplying all pages in English - time is a little short now and we a very busy preparing.

What ist this project “Virtueller Wanderweg der Deutschen Einheit” all about ?
In 1989 the German Wall fell and in 1990 the German unification came to contract and final. So 2015 is a historical year, the German unification
has its 25th annuary.
This makes 2015 a very unique date.
In a meeting of the “Lions-Club Meinerzhagen-Kierspe” with the “Wanderfeunde Sachsen” in 1990 the idea of a track with the name “Wanderweg der Deutschen Einheit” was born. The track connects the most easterly city of Germany, Goerlitz” with the most westerly German city Aachen.
It is a track all across Germay in lateral east-west direction, touching unique landscapes, culture, folks and other varieties.
Slowly all rememberance of the of the German seperation will vanish - whitnesses will vanish by time, also will culture, landscape and geografical influence cover the exposition of this period of German history.

Since the track is about 1000 km long, hikers must have a certain amount of  time and condition, when they want to walk this track.
There are plenty of people outside that can´t do this track, for various reason. (age, handicap, distance, time....).
Therefore, “virtual tour” gives everybody the oppotunity to walk the track on screen.
Not only do we want to present the track, also nearby attractions aside the track that hiker would pass without seeing them.

This project is non-commercial, we expexted the German associations,clubs, political parties or other institutions directly involved in the German unification or division - but disappointingly there was no support from any of them.
So we have to cover all the costs by ourselvers, but we will not give up and will complete this mission.
If you feel touched by this project then pleas give us your support.
You can support us by donating here whatever you think is appropriate.
All donators will get a free download of the final project, so they can use the virtual tour offline on their computers.

Also: link this project wherever you think it fits, the more people know about ist, the better.